NESI Poly-Cel is a specialized rigid foam fabrication company that has been a cornerstone in the composite insulation industry for over three decades. Catering to both large-scale demands and small projects, Poly-Cel ensures precision, quality, and customer satisfaction by striving to exceed expectations every time. Our offerings range from CNC routed parts, wire-profiled shapes and panels, finished surface sanding, die pressed precision parts, and beyond. All products are produced in two of our expansive fabrication, warehouse, and distribution facilities in the Boston, Massachusetts Metropolitan Area. Fabrication of certified and inspected foam materials is our specialty, polyisocyanurate insulation, high-density polyurethane foams, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are the bedrock of our business. With a foundation of high-quality insulations, Poly-Cel can provide durable, lightweight, and versatile solutions for all your industry requirements. Our projects span a variety of applications and industries, such as sandwich core paneling, specialty sculptures, wind blade core materials, marine core applications, sound absorbing panels, and classified systems reaching all corners of the globe. With commitment to delivering nothing but the highest-quality products on time, NESI Poly-Cel continues to support both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies with our expert staff, foam engineering, fabrication, and network of distribution services throughout the United States.